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Thrain Portrait Sketch 1
A little while back, I did an acrylic portrait of Thorin on canvas.… He's been hanging on the "wall o' royal dwarves" in our living room... with a blank spot on the wall on the other side reserved for a matching portrait of his father, Thrain. I kept putting it off, and finally decided to start sketching today. He has so much hair... I think I may consider the size and layout and see if I want to rework it. I have time, since summer is about to kick in and it'll be too hot for me to spend much time by the big window to work. Regardless, it was fun sketching. As much as I draw Thorin, Thrain and Thror are also a blast to draw for me. :D

Sketched in blue pencil on 11x14 drawing paper, then adjusted to grayscale in Photoshop for easier viewing.  Keepin' busy!
Thorin Holding Baby Goat
On Wednesday, I decided I wanted to whip out a quick drawing of Thorin to share for the next day (Thorin Thursday)...  and I also knew I wanted to draw a baby goat (d'awwwwwwww). So, this happened. Maybe this little bubbie grows up to be Thorin's pack-goat I've drawn before? Or perhaps a battle-goat to patrol Ered Luin?

Sketched in blue pencil on 11x14 drawing paper, and finished in black pencil.
Thorin Rough Sketches 2017
After a several-month-break, it felt like I barely even remembered where I kept all my drawing supplies... much less remembered how to draw (and this Thorin guy. I *think* I've drawn him before LOL!). I actually tried sitting down to draw a few days/a week ago and ended up with an instant eyestrain headache. I have been avoiding a lot of things -- glasses or not! -- because of that. I have really missed drawing dwarves, especially Thorin!

My goal was to fill a page with as much quick small-ish rough sketches to get used to drawing again.

I drew Thorin eating (it always bugged me that the poor dwarf really never got much of a chance to eat, before someone was trying to start a fight with him or talking to him about bad news), moved over to draw him about to take a drink.... and it grew into a much bigger/detailed sketch than I'd planned.

This is actually drawn in blue pencil on 11X14(? oops, I forgot to check. It's been a while) drawing paper. Once scanned, I darkened the blue pencil lines a little, then changed to grayscale. I LOVE blue pencils, but it's helpful with my old eyes to see things a little darker. ;)
I know I've gone silent, but I have been taking a break from art (and most other hobbies) so I can focus on my health. I am still as big (if not bigger) a fan of Thorin as ever. Not finished drawing him especially... just busy focusing on myself for now. ;)
Preeda Portrait Gift
I've been busy working on a Christmas gift for my sweet mother-in-law.... and while I knew for months I wanted to do it, I only managed to get decent reference photos of her siamese cat by early December. I *scrambled* to sling paint on the canvas in time for Christmas Eve, when I would give her the gift... but somehow managed to do it in time (a few days early, even WHEW!).  It was very hard getting those photos, as the cat paces and moves continuously (little tan blurrrrrrrrr), she is a little obsessed with me (so I had to train hubby to get the photos I needed as all *I* ever saw was her head coming for me to get attention or her belly as she rolled over trying to get me to brush her if she even knew I looked at her), and the lighting was too dark to quickly get photos with our old iPhones.

Still, playing the secret-stealth game was part of the fun... because MIL had no clue and was absolutely surprised when I gave this to her. She of course loved it. :)

Painted on a 16x20 canvas with acrylic paints (that's why it's a photo here instead of a scan... won't fit! It also appears much more subtle in-person, and was meant to be viewed in dimmer lighting conditions than shown here... for whatever reason, all the cameras we used made everything a bit more sharp and bright than the softer and more subtle in-person look it actually has).
As I mentioned in my last journal entry, I have a new scanner (yay!!!). I've been a scanning fool these past two days. First, the main gallery of dwarf and Thorin fan art has been updated. I am not sure if I will bother with some of the scraps section sketches, because many of those no longer exist since I finished them with ink.

However, today, I pulled out my over-stuffed portfolio and started scanning some of my old art (the first few pieces were from 1998 and 2000). I don't want old art to show up in the "featured" section of my main page, nor do I want it to show up in the main gallery. Not sure how that all works and don't really want to mess with it.... so... I added them to the scraps section, and then created some side folders to organize *everything* (including my main dwarf fan art).

If you check out the gallery folders, you'll find the Dwarf Fan Art, Middle Earth Sketches (just dwarves right now, but who knows what'll get dumped in there... I don't want 100 folders taking up space, so I thought that would be best), Old Nature Art, and Old Darth Maul/Star Wars Fan Art.

It's going to take some time to scan and organize everything, but I wanted to let folks know I was doing some organizing here. I'll just have to remember to keep putting things in their folders when I add them.

Thanks for looking! :)


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Cynthia Griffith
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I draw fan art for personal fun, since my husband and I share fandoms and interests. I do not sell originals or copies. Please do not use or alter my drawings.

I used to draw constantly, and then took a break for several years to focus on sewing and costuming. In fact, I have way too many hobbies and tend to rotate through them so I can give each a little focus before I move on to another for a bit.

My husband and I have been enjoying The Hobbit, and especially love the dwarves, and it has also rekindled my desire to get back to drawing. It feels so awkward to try something again that used to come much easier, but at least the subject matter is fun!

Sadly, I tend to go through periods where I stop drawing for a while and then slowly get back to it. I think I just want to avoid burnout again, as well as focus on other things as well. I'm glad to have a place to put my new art as I work through the rust, and also join a great community. Best Wishes!


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